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What You Should Expect After System Migration

What You Should Expect After System Migration

Coins will be implementing updated features to improve your crypto experience throughout the next few weeks. The changes will begin in phases starting from the beginning of November 2023.

Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks:

A new receiving wallet address

Once you’ve accessed the new Coins interface in November 2023, customers who have previously verified and activated their account will be assigned a NEW receiving BTC wallet address.

Sending crypto to your old receiving BTC wallet address may result in delays or permanent loss. We encourage our customers to delete your previously saved Coins wallet addresses on other platforms and update them to the new wallet addresses provided after the upgrade has been completed for your account.

A few things will be left in the past but an exciting new crypto journey awaits!

After your account is upgraded, your old transaction history will be cleared out, but will be populated with all of the new transactions you’re going to make from now on forward. If you need a copy of your past transaction history, simply log into using your web browser to download your full transaction history.

For those who have 2-factor-authentication (2FA) enabled, kindly note that these settings will be reset.

Moving forward, the same 2FA settings will apply across web and app. Please check your security setting and re-enable 2FA for increased security and protection!

As a sneak peek, we will be releasing an ALL-NEW Tier System that will allow you to do MORE with your Coins wallet. Please stay tuned to this exciting launch!

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