Watch Out for Fake Emails

Stay alert and always verify the source of the emails you receive. Scammers can pose as a credible person or company and send fake emails that lead to fake websites.

These fake websites are designed to collect your personal information such as username, password, and verification codes for scammers to gain unauthorized access to your accounts. This is called phishing.


1. Incorrect sender email address

This is the biggest sign the email is fake. Although the email name may appear to be a trusted company, the email address would show an incorrect or misspelled variation of the legitimate address. Click on the email name to check the sender’s email address to verify if it’s a legitimate source.

Remember: Official email addresses end with

DO NOT click on the links and NEVER enter your login information on unrecognized websites.

Remember: The official and recognized domains of are only and Only use the official mobile app and official websites to log into your account.

3. Asks for sensitive information

Some phishing emails would directly ask for your password, OTP codes, and other personal information. Ignore these requests and immediately report the sender to

Remember: and its employees will NEVER ask for your password, OTP codes, and other personal information through email, text, or call.

4. Has a sense of urgency

Exercise caution against time-sensitive emails. Scammers use this tactic to incite panic and cloud your judgment. Phishing emails may claim that you have won a prize that will expire soon or your account will be terminated immediately if you don’t take action.

Remember: will never close your account without due process. promos are announced on the official FB page, blog, and in the app.

When in doubt, you can reach out to us at so our team may verify the legitimacy of the email you received.

5. Contains suspicious attachments

If you have suspicions that you have received a fake email, DO NOT DOWNLOAD any attachments, especially if these end in .zip or. exe. This may contain viruses or malware.

Remember: In the rare instances that you receive an email with an attachment from, it will be in PDF or DOC format only.


If you receive a suspicious email, flag it as spam or fraudulent, and inform us immediately. You may send a report at or tap Send us a Message in your app.

Stay alert and let’s keep the Coins Community safe and secure!

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